Strip for iOS 1.6.1 Login Bug on iOS 5

2011-11-01 20:00:00 -0400

We released Strip 1.6.1 to the iTunes App Store and then pulled it from the store a few hours later yesterday due to confirmed reports of a bug preventing our customers on iOS 5 from accessing their data after successfully signing into the application. It’s that bug scenario you always fear as a developer with the App Store—something that you simply must fix right away, but can’t due to the app review process. We have already submitted a fix to Apple as version 1.6.2 and requested expedited review due to the circumstances.

We pulled the update to make that sure no one else gets bitten, and as a result Strip is currently not showing up in the iTunes App Store. There’s unfortunately no way for us to rollback a version update once it’s on your device.

We know this is a horrible inconvenience, but our recommended option is to wait for the forthcoming App Store update because it is the safest and lowest-impact fix. However, if this is not an option there are two other potential courses of action:

  1. Sign up for our TestFlight beta service. If you become a beta tester for Strip we can send you a new version before it hits the app store. However, this process involves a sign-up and registration of your device. You can sign up and register devices here:
  2. Restore from backup using iTunes. As long as you haven’t synced your device since the update was installed, you should be able to restore from backup. Unfortunately this would erase any data from Strip and other applications that was not in the last backup. If you are think you might need to do this please don’t sync your phone with iTunes, as it could overwrite your last backup. This should be a last resort due to the potential for data loss.

We’re really very sorry about the problems this has caused – we are doing our best to get this fixed as soon as possible.

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