Announcing Strip Sync for Mac OS X and Windows

2010-06-30 20:00:00 -0400

Updated: 6/6/2012 This blog post is out of date, and the software referenced in it, Strip Sync, has been discontinued in favor of Strip for Windows and Strip for OS X.

Screen Stripsync Windows

As many of our customers have already noticed, we’ve made Strip Sync for Mac OS X and Windows generally available. It serves as a free a companion utility to Strip 1.4 for iOS, the first version of Strip to support our new Sync feature. More accurately, Strip supports multi-device replication, allowing you to safely replicate your data across any number of devices1. Strip is the first password manager we know of with this kind of awesome and lightning fast sync system.

No longer will our dear customers be relying on and subsequently let down by iTunes for backups and data recovery. Every time you sync your device with Strip Sync, a backup copy of the local database on your desktop is taken for you. You can revert to any of your backups at any time, and the sync service also provides authoritative data restore.

Strip Sync also provides CVS import and export. This allows you to export your database to a spreadsheet that you could print and store in a safe. It also allows you to bulk load new entries, and in the case of the Mac OS X version, you can do bulk updates as well (e.g. export the existing database to spreadsheet, make edits, and import the same sheet).

Now that more folks are seeing what Strip Sync is – or rather, that it’s not a full desktop port of Strip, thus the qualified name – we’ve been getting questions about a full desktop port. We’re working on it! It’s next on the list, Strip Sync had to come first. You can expect minor updates to Strip Sync in the next few weeks as we make some minor improvements (and add bulk-updating to the Windows version).

I should add that there a ton of other improvements to Strip itself in the 1.4 upgrade (free for those who’ve purchased Strip already), including improvements to the display of data, the ability to work with stored data quickly (copying, launching, etc), and better performance to boot.

With regard to iOS 4, things are looking pretty good so far. We have no plans at the moment to take advantage of new features in the SDK just yet, as our primary concern is stability and compatibility. We do have upcoming improvements planned for the 1.4 version of Strip and if any bugs pop up we should be able to address them in forthcoming updates.

1 When we have a chance, we’re going to post an article about how this works and the technology behind it. Ditto, the replication library, will be made available as open-source software, as was done with our encryption engine SQLCipher, in order to facilitate peer-review and to encourage future innovations from other developers.

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