AT&T Mobile Banking App for iPhone

2010-05-31 20:00:00 -0400

Because I’m totally comfortable with allowing the phone company with the most contempt for its customers to access my bank account information:

AT&T Mobile Banking

I can’t wait to stop paying these jokers their “subsidy” once the contract ends and my monthly bill doesn’t go down. Need to be able to make phone calls, plain and simple. Why are they even bothering to spend R&D money on this junk? Perhaps they recognized that if they couldn’t force this stuff on their subscribers, they can at least make it available through the App Store. Still doesn’t make any sense.

It’s been suggested by Marco Arment and others that one of the reasons the iPhone isn’t available on Verizon yet is because Apple doesn’t go for allowing the carriers to dictate anything about the device, and Verizon is pretty much #1 at doing just that. I’m curious of any of my VZW-Droid-owning friends can elaborate on whether this is currently the case for them? Are there apps on there you don’t want and can’t delete?

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