Strip Sync beta Update / Strip v1.4

2010-05-07 20:00:00 -0400

Updated: 6/6/2012 This blog post is out of date, and the software referenced in it, Strip Sync, has been discontinued in favor of Strip for Windows and Strip for OS X.

The beta test is moving along pretty nicely. If you haven’t been sent any files or updates just yet, but you’ve already opted to participate, don’t worry, we’ll hook you up soon! At the moment we’ve got a loose target date of June 1st for general release, although we don’t really know exactly how long it will take for the newest version of Strip to appear in the App Store after we submit it.

The most recent update to Strip Sync is that we’re now supporting bulk updating of existing Entries during the CSV Import process. Simply use the Export feature to dump out a CSV of all your entries, and you’ll see a new column called “EntryID”. This contains what is basically a GUID for each entry, and if you include these rows in an import, the data in the row will cause the entry to be updated. Original CSV spec post has been updated to reflect this.

We’ve also made numerous improvements to the display, work-flow, responsiveness, and memory usage of Strip running on iPhone OS. Even if you don’t want the new Sync features, the improved layout of field labels and data values is so much better, and much easier to read. We’ve finally added a much easier to utilize Copy function for each field on display (no need to drop into edit mode anymore just to copy a password), and similarly for launching applications with a particular piece of data stored in Strip, and this really makes the program a lot easier to use for everyday look-ups.

For instance, you might want to log into your insurance website account. You open up the insurance entry, you see the password row, you just tap it, and a Copy menu comes up, allowing you to copy the password to the system’s “Pasteboard:”

Strip Copy Field

From here, you just want to go to the website so you can use that password:

Strip Launch Url

And if you’re a sysadmin, with perhaps Touch Term installed on your iPhone or iPad (or some other SSH terminal program), you can just use the ssh:// URL scheme (or any other URL scheme) to do your thing. Here’s a similar scenario, involving some system credentials:

Strip Example db

Copy the password for use in the next program:

Strip Copy Example

Now fire up an SSH application:

Strip Example Launch

And the password textfield in this other app (not Strip) allows us to paste the secret password from our clipboard.

Strip Example SSH

An ironic twist: something I did in the most recent beta build of Strip causes this to dial the Phone instead of launching the SSH app, will have a fixed build out early next week, I expect.

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