Updated: openssl-xcode and billymeltdown-choctop

2010-05-19 20:00:00 -0400

Stephen has updated the openssl-xcode project to support building OpenSSL 1.0.0. We’re not entirely sure why, but the make process was attempting to use x86 assembler on non-x86 architectures (ppc, armv6, etc), so we updated the build script in the Xcode project to do the right thing by setting certain flags based on architectures. Works like a charm, now.

This was tested with Xcode 3.2 and OpenSSL 1.1.0 only, results may vary with different versions of either. You can grab the latest by pulling from the master branch.

I’ve updated our fork of the fantastic choctop Ruby gem, which we use to automate release builds for Mac OS X apps. The recent change adds a “codesign_identity” accessor. Set this to the name of your code signing identity and the gem will sign the target app bundle right before it builds the DMG. My fork can be found and forked here on Github, but to install you can pull it from Gemcutter, the name of the gem is billymeltdown-choctop, e.g.:

gem install billymeltdown-choctop

Then you can require it in your Rakefile like so:

gem 'billymeltdown-choctop'
require "choctop"

Example Rakefile:

ChocTop.new do |s|
s.build_opts = '-sdk macosx10.5'
s.codesign_identity = 'Zetetic LLC'
s.remote_dir = '/www/zetetic.net/current/public/files/strip-sync'
s.base_url = "http://www.zetetic.net/files/strip-sync"
s.build_products = "/Users/wgray/Documents/Sources/xcode-build/Release"
s.transport = :rsync
s.rsync_args = '-vazxS --delete -e "/usr/bin/ssh -p 11122" '
# ...

My fork has been modified from the original in numerous small ways because I had to get it working on OS X 10.5, and then 10.6. Caveat emptor.

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