Some Quick Notes from Virginia

2010-04-09 20:00:00 -0400

I’m still at the RubyNation conference, and it’s going really well. Fantastic conference, really, with a huge presence and backing from Engine Yard. Kudos to all involved, my brain is Chock full of Goodness. Dave Thomas’ keynote was excellent, and all the talks I’ve attended have been exceptional. I’ve also had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of many of the speakers and numerous Ruby and Rails Ur-hackers.

In any event, it’s the break just after lunch on day two and I’m giving my brain a code break. Sitting in the sunshine, just inside the lobby, I’m listening to my friends’ new and unreleased album, tapping out a review on my iPhone. Specifically, iPod app is on in the background and I’m tapping away in our new app Codebook, because I like to keep my stupider/unrefined writings really private, and it beats the pants off using Apple’s Notes app.

I think that’s a good measure of whether or not your software is any good! If you don’t use it, why should anybody else?

Active development continues unabated here at Team Z, for those keeping track. An update to Strip Sync for Mac beta will be pushed soon, allows for bulk loading/editing of existing entries via CSV. I think this is the last thing currently missing piece for this utility app.

I’m finding that certain network / sleep events are causing Strip Sync to dump core. Still working out what’s going on there.

Strip Sync for Windows is on the way! Sit tight, we’ll be in touch soon.

Back to the conference. Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend, temperatures should be up tomorrow ;-)

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