Codebook is in the App Store!

2010-03-16 20:00:00 -0400

Codebook IconTime for a little business, friends! We have a new application in the iTunes App Store, and we call it Codebook: A Secure iPhone Notebook for People with Secrets!

Download it now in the iTunes App Store for only $2.99.

My bias being what it is, I recommend that you replace your other notes apps with this elegantly simple notebook that keeps all your data private, and just gets out of the way. Codebook is perfect for attorneys, physicians, journalists — anybody who needs to keep their notes confidential.

Codebook is built on the same rock-solid encryption engine we use for STRIP, SQLCipher. It’s perfect for storing sensitive meeting notes, terrible poetry, anything you want to keep secret should you lose your iPhone or iPod Touch. ALL data stored in Codebook is stored using the robust and peer-reviewed 256-bit AES encryption implementation in OpenSSL.

Screen1 Login

I used to use Apple’s included Notes application a lot myself, but I’m getting less and less comfortable storing stuff in there. Here’s my use-case, since I’ve been using Codebook for a few months now:

Screen3 Edit

I, for one, have a penchant for thinking up lots of bad “lyrics” for my band. I’ll be on the subway reading some radical article in Harper’s, and BOOM, I get this great idea! I fire up Codebook, tap in my password real quick, and tap out my idea. If I want to add it to a previous bit of my wondrous witticisms, they’re incredibly easy to find via the Search feature, or just by going back in time and scanning the titles.

Screen2 List

It may not be totally evident in the screens here, but we opted to use the first line of each note as its title (an idea we got from John Gruber’s writings about the untitled document syndrome, and the Simplenote app), so you don’t have to think of one. It’s just there, it just works.

One last thing we made sure we included: Email forwarding of individual notes. You just might want to mail something out and we wanted to make that easy to do.

Stephen and I started work on this back in February of 2009, and have basically sat on it since while we put priority on Strip. Recently, I took some time to clean it up and get it ready for a proper release. Feels good to finally have it out there in the store. If you give Codebook a spin, let us know what you think!

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