Codebook 1.4.1 Released in App Store

2010-12-01 19:00:00 -0500

As previously noted, we pulled Codebook 1.4.0 from the App Store due to a start-up bug, and rushed to get a fix prepared. The update has been released, Codebook 1.4.1 is now available in the App Store, and all users of Codebook should update as soon as possible. Visit the App Store now to get the update.

If you had installed Codebook 1.4.0, or any other recent update and could no longer start Codebook on your device, this update will restore your access to your data. As we mentioned before, we had done quite extensive testing on Codebook before releasing the last update, but we didn’t do it on enough disparate iOS devices to detect this bug, and will be doing far more extensive testing on all future updates.


Well, obviously, we fixed the start-up bug.

But the biggest change since Codebook 1.3 is that Codebook 1.4 provides the oft-requested support for multi-tasking: on devices that are running iOS 4 and support multi-tasking, you can now set a timer, allowing Codebook to stay temporarily unlocked while you switch applications. Makes the app a lot more convenient to use on the Subway, I’ll tell you that.

I’ve also ditched the recycled-paper background displayed on the note view/edit screen in favor of a more subtle paper texture that’s far more pleasant.

Coming Soon in Codebook 1.5

Work on Codebook 1.5 was completed recently, and we’re now testing it as mentioned above for any surprises. It includes a ton of usability improvements and a fantastic new feature: Dropbox Sync.

Codebook 1.5 Sync View

The note view/edit screen also got a lot of love, too:

Codebook 1.5 Note View

If the differences aren’t readily apparent: the top-right navigation bar button is no longer the action button kicking up an email compose view. This + button allows you to quickly add a new note — the current note is torn off the view (a la Apple’s MobileNotes) to reveal a fresh page.

The toolbar is a long-overdue addition. Now you can delete what you’re looking at without having to pop back to the list view, or you can hit the Action/Share button. The share button, by the way, no longer just throws up a compose view. Instead it presents a modal sheet providing you the option of sharing the current note as an email. This pause in the process allows us to add more options later and will help cut down on some accidental mailing of notes.

Finally, while you can’t tell from the screenshot here, the animation of presenting the keyboard and re-sizing the text view for editing is greatly improved. It’s no longer jerky, but nice and smooth, and the background doesn’t appear to get squished or stretched, it just remains static, providing a much nicer editing experience.

This is all probably a couple weeks out from appearing in the Store. Hopefully, by Christmas.

Thanks for using Codebook!

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