Codebook Startup Bug in 1.4.0

2010-11-16 19:00:00 -0500

Updated, Update II, below

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Thanks to direct reports from our customers, and some crash logs we’ve received via iTunes Connect, it appears that the new version of Codebook that we published in the App Store (version 1.4.0) had a start-up bug in certain circumstances, on certain iOS versions and hardware. Basically, the app was crashing immediately on iOS 3, and crashing on some instances of iOS 4 during the application start-up sequence. We’ve since pulled Codebook from the store to prevent anyone else from downloading this update.

No one’s data is lost, but anybody who’s run into this problem will find their data inaccessible, simply because they can’t start the application. To that regard, we are hustling to deliver a fix through the App Store (we’ve already got the bugs solved, and thoroughly tested). We realize that if you’re a serious user of Codebook, you depend on being able to access your data, and we’re on it.

For all future releases of Codebook, we’ll be testing on more devices, iOS 3 and 4, to make sure this doesn’t bite us again. I should note that we had done extensive testing of Codebook, but it was limited to iOS 4 on an iPhone 4, and iOS 4 on an iPhone 3G. Clearly, we need to be testing this on the iPod Touch, on iOS 3, etc, and that’s what we’ll be doing from now on.

We do have some good news: Codebook 1.5 is already undergoing testing and should be ready for release soon. The main reason for the version bump, aside from a ton of user interface and usability improvements, is the new feature: Sync with Dropbox!

Thanks again for your patience and feedback.

Update, Nov 23rd, Codebook 1.4.1, which fixes the issues outlined here, was submitted to Apple on Sunday (Nov 21) with a request for expedited approval due to the situation at hand. We’re waiting to hear back, hopefully it will be approved and posted to the App Store within the week.

Update II, Dec 2nd, Codebook 1.4.1 is now available from the iTunes App Store. All users of Codebook should upgrade as soon as possible. Release notes (and sneak peaks).

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