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2009-08-19 20:00:00 -0400

There’s an extensive email-based interview of us over on There’s juicy bits about certain large companies trying to kill off one of our early projects, column fodder, and the approaches we’ve developed for taking on new clients and starting new development projects. Here’s an excerpt:

Many people we speak to find it unusual that we don’t actively prospect, solicit, or answer blind RFPs, etc

Honestly, we like it this way: when we get a referral or start a new project for a past customer, there’s already a relationship in place. The client already knows that they can trust us, and it cuts out the entire “dance” that we’d otherwise have to do to prove ourselves. There are other benefits too.

People only ask us to prepare a proposal when they are seriously considering a project. Plus, we rarely find ourselves as column fodder behind another incumbent company—we call it column fodder when you have no hope of winning a deal and your estimate is just filling in a cell on a spreadsheet for comparison purposes.

This level of trust also means that we can work more closely with our customers to develop requirements. They take our estimates and advice seriously. In the end it works out better for everyone involved.

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