Waiting on Palm for a Native SDK

2009-07-28 20:00:00 -0400

We’ve been getting a lot of emails recently asking about our plans with regard to Strip and Palm’s new platform WebOS. We really appreciate the inquiries! At the current time we don’t have any plans to build a port of the new SQLCipher-based Strip to WebOS / Palm Pré. It’s not that we don’t want to do it, it’s more a matter of a lack in the SDK.

Palms Mojo development framework, the SDK they are providing for developing apps on the Palm Pré, only provides for development in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. There is at this time no support for developing native applications, or applications with access to native libraries. SQLCipher is a specialized build of SQLite, written in C and using OpenSSL, that provides for transparent, page-based encryption of an embedded database, and it’s at the core of Strip. Without a native SDK, we simply can’t compile it for the platform and get to work.

We have made inquiries, and we’ve heard of some development shops getting special access, but so far we’ve not heard anything. If you’re a fan of Strip and you want it on your Palm Pré, it probably couldn’t hurt to chime in and send Palm your support for this.

Zetetic is the creator of the encrypted iPhone data vault and password manager Strip and the open source encryption-enhanced database engine SQLCipher.

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