Rocking the Podcasts

2009-06-24 20:00:00 -0400

I spend quite a bit of time in front of a screen all day hacking away, so I love to put on WNYC in the mornings, sip my pot of coffee and get to work.

Lately, however, I’ve taken to following more and more podcasts. This morning, on the walk from Greenpoint to Williamsburg Coworking I found myself listening to Stack Overflow, which is getting more and more entertaining as the weeks go by. The guest on the current episode is Damien Katz of Couch DB fame, who we saw give an incredibly inspiring talk at Ruby Fringe last year. The conversation ranges from fascinating computer science to some lively anecdotes about IBM (“full of douchebags”), Erlang, and Lotus, which keeps re-appearing in tech conversations lately. I’m only 40 minutes in, and it’s been fascinating.

Yes, I know I’m a nerd. But if you’re in the business, this is pretty interesting stuff. And we are totally in the business.

Another ‘cast that I look forward to every week is Dan Grigsby’s Mobile Orchard Podcast, focusing on iPhone development and the iTunes App Store. Dan keeps the topics very technology focused, but some of my favorite moments are when the guests (who are always iPhone developers) and Dan (a great developer himself) go into the business aspect of things. Few people have such a magnetic focus on market trends and data, and it also frequently turns up in Dan’s writings. Full disclosure – we were interviewed recently for this one.

And then there’s Savage Love, which is not even a little bit tech-related; it’s Dan Savage’s relationship advice column gone wild. Not safe for children, no, but very, very entertaining. This one can get a bit distracting, I’ll admit, but I absolutely cannot help but listen every week, it’s great.

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