iPhone SDK 3.0 beta - no backing out!

2009-04-13 20:00:00 -0400

Right now we’re putting the finishing touches on our first iPhone app to get it into the App Store, or hopefully at least through the approval process. Who knows, really. But we’re hustling, we’ve put a lot of work into these products and we’d like to at least get them out there soon.

In the spirit of staying on top of things, I downloaded and installed the iPhone SDK 3.0 betas (1 and 2) on my development machine. I just wanted to be able to take a look at things so that I could get a head-start on the next generation of our apps. But so far, errors and extreme weirdness have been keeping me from my work on our current apps for the current platform. You’d think when you switch the build environment for platform 2.2.1, the entire XCode environment would adapt, but that’s not what happens. The helpers seem to be generating nib files for the new SDK, I can no longer create grouped-style table views, there are random crashes, nuisance deprecation warnings for the new SDK I’m not using.

Obviously, beta software is beta software, so caveat emptor, but I can’t find any good information on backing out the 3.0 beta installations and resetting my environment. In addition, I’m told that Apple isn’t accepting apps in the store built using this new version of XCode, even if they are built for the current platform, which is in and of itself really lame if true. Still trying to confirm that. So I’d advise anyone doing development right now to hold off on installing the beta SDK environments on their primary development machine. Install it on a spare machine, I reckon. What a nuisance!

Update: Apple does warn you about this on the SDK download page. Among others:

  • iPhone SDK for iPhone 3.0 beta is for development purposes only. This software should only be installed on devices dedicated exclusively for iPhone 3.0 beta application development.
  • iPhone SDK for iPhone 3.0 can not be used for submitting iPhone OS 2.2.1 applications to the App Store.

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