Bands On A Budget & Ben Franklin

2009-03-19 20:00:00 -0400

We’re a pretty diverse bunch here, so once in a while I like to drop some info and links to various things we’re involved in.

Bret, who recently joined our team, has a really cool project called Bands On A Budget. I’ve been in a number of musical projects in the last.. uhm… 15 years I guess? And while I love the
whole DIY thing, I have songs to write and shows to book, so I don’t have time to go silk-screening anything, really. For my last band we needed good and cheap t-shirts and stickers on the quick, and we kept going back to BoaB because the orders were always correct, the work was always good (the silk screening of our t-shirts was fantastic).

I’ll definitely be going through them to get merch done up for my next project. The new band is called Ben Franklin. In the words of Scott Pilgrim, we’re totally not sucky, and we’ll be recording our first proper record in the beginning of May.

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