Deeper Thought on webOS

2009-02-27 19:00:00 -0500

I have admittedly ragged on Palm a bit of late, but I just watched their webcast on Developing Application for webOS, and I had but one thought:


Seriously, though. If you’re doing iPhone development, sure you get the Cocoa framework and access to OpenGL and all that, but you don’t get such open access to the system and other applications (with Sync!) like you will with webOS. At least, that’s my hunch, I guess time will tell. But just the basic layout of the high-level architecture warms my heart.

webos application arch

You know what else is awesome? The API has “stages” and “scenes”! That rocks.

Jury is still out as to whether you can run processor intensive games in this platform, but honestly we’re not game programmers, and this does seem to uniquely enable easy development.

On a total tangent, I went to the Jelly NYC event at my workspace today and mentioned that next week we’ll be starting the beta for Strip on the iPhone (sign up for the mailing list over here, or just e-mail us). Of the 15 or so people there, one of them was a hard core, long-time user of Strip, and is still toting his Palm around waiting for a way to migrate to his iPhone. Can’t wait. Stay tuned!

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