Improvements to SQLCipher - cross platform SQLite Encryption

2009-12-27 19:00:00 -0500

We’ve been really busy over the past week finishing up some big enhancements to SQLCipher, the open-source full-database SQLite encryption extension that powers Strip, our Data Vault for the iPhone.

The latest version SQLCipher 1.1.1, is based on the most recent release of SQLite (3.6.21), which has a many improvements and bug fixes. In addition the new SQLCipher features include:

  1. Code clean up to allow compilation with VS.NET on windows.
  2. Enhancements to the codebase to allow encrypted databases to be attached to unencrypted database for the purpose data migration
  3. Resolution of a minor memory leak in the pager subsystem
  4. Documentation and test enhancements

The newest build makes SQLCipher truly cross-platform – it’s now been used successfully under Mac OS X, iPhone, Linux, and Windows (across MinGW, Cygwin, and native VS.NET). The new version is a drop in replacement for previous releases, so we’re recommending that all SQLCipher users upgrade to the latest.

Check out SQLCipher on GitHub.

Zetetic is the creator of the encrypted iPhone data vault and password manager Strip and the open source encryption-enhanced database engine SQLCipher.

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