ckFormLogin and a happy user

2009-01-15 19:00:00 -0500

Today’s dose of win:

“Alright!! It’s working against the production servers – monitoring 6 web apps across three servers. My boss is very happy. That means I am even happier. I have been working with Nagios now for roughly 4 months. The user login test was the final piece of this project. Thanks again for the help.”

How cool is that? We have a plugin for Nagios called ckFormLogin that monitors login processes for popular asset management systems (Oracle CoreID Access Manager, CA eTrust Siteminder, Sun Access Manager, &c.), and when people have a little trouble with it, we’re pretty happy to help them out. But rarely do you get cool feedback like that.

Nagios itself is a really useful and highly configurable piece of monitoring software. The interface is a bit Soviet, sure, but it works great, and it’s open source. So is the ckFormLogin plugin.

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