Coudal's 3 Questions

2008-09-29 20:00:00 -0400

Stephen forwarded me one of the Coudal Partners newsletters the other day, and it had this rather interesting bit where they describe the three questions they ask themselves when determining whether or not to pursue a new idea:

  1. Will we be able to make money? We’re a business. We have mortgages and tuitions to pay. Plus, if we don’t make some cash once in a while, how will we feed our habit of continually screwing around?
  2. When we’re done, will we be proud of the work we’ve done? Slaving for months on a project only to not want to show it to anyone when you’re finished just plain sucks. No amount of money can make that feel better.
  3. Can we learn a little something new along the way? Executing the project has to make us smarter and help satisfy our curiosity, which we think is our greatest asset.

The article then goes on to show how they applied it to their Field Notes Brand. Just figured I’d pass that along, you should be able to access the whole thing over here, at least for a little while.

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