Dopplr adds SMS/Email/Twitter slurping

2008-07-07 20:00:00 -0400

My friend Matt Jones is one of the design leads on Dopplr, “an online tool for business travelers.” It’s a rather slick utility for anybody who does a lot of traveling and wants to share that information with others, connect up in various cities, track their travels, etc. That’s not all it does, but those are the very basics of it.

Anyway, Matt has an excited post out on their blog about some new features they just added – mainly the ability for you to not only send in your trip information via E-mail, SMS, or Twitter, but you can literally forward eTickets and various other itinerary confirmations from airlines and bookers straight to Dopplr, and have it enter all the trip info for you. Check out the slick video demonstration!

This is a huge ease-of-use improvement to their already great service, cutting down on double entry and making manual entry much easier. If you’re a reader of our site, or you use our tools, you’ll know we’re total geeks for streaming information into tools and using command-line interfaces. Nice job, fellas!

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