Service Announcements

2008-12-21 19:00:00 -0500

We’ll be interrupting service quite briefly on Tempo and PingMe tonight to push some service updates, around 10pm EST.

  • PingMe: Greatly improved reliability on Twitter follow-backs
  • Tempo: Fix to that nagging issue with Basecamp project imports
  • Tempo: Reverting to context-scoping of tags displayed in Include and Exclude drop-downs

We’re using our own version of the Twitter Ruby gem that has some additional support for exception handling that we needed. Caveat emptor, but it works pretty well for us, solves the issue of being able to respond accordingly to errors as the come back from the Twitter API. Not all 403’s are the same, that kind of thing. You can check it out over here. At some point I’ll get a blog post together describing how it works. Bit busy right now.

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