Mobile Mashup - Create scheduled reminders with your voice using Jott and PingMe

2007-08-19 20:00:00 -0400

How would you like to be able to “call in” a PingMe reminder over the phone?

Mike, a PingMe user, writes on his MyTechTalk blog

I think the folks at Jott and the folks at PingMe should join forces to create a stellar service. Jott’s voice to email technology could be modified by PingMe to quickly create reminders when I’m driving in my car and not in front of my computer.

Basically, Jott is a really useful mobile transcription service offering “mobile note taking and hands-free messaging”. Sign up and you can call their 800 number and speak a message that will be converted to written text and sent out by email. PingMe is a mobile service that sends out scheduled reminders to your cell phone and email on a defined schedule. Together, they are unstoppable.

We agreed it would be amazingly useful to phone in Pings while driving or just to save our fingers from typing an SMS message. Thus, we spent a little time coding up the back-end, and the PingMe / Jott mashup was born!

Start by going to to sign up. Do it now, don’t wait, because their service rocks. Follow the instructions on their site to activate your account. Then go into the contacts tab and add your PingMe address. (you can find your PingMe address in the welcome email we sent you, or on your profile page in PingMe).

We suggest you call the contact “GoPingMe”, so it’s sufficiently different than the default “Me” moniker that Jott uses for “note to self” type messages.

Then comes the fun part. Add Jott’s toll free number to your speed dial. Call up the Jott number. They say..

Who’d you want to Jott?

You say…


They say…


You speak…

Two days, hour eight, call and wish mom a happy birthday

Wait a few minutes, and voila, you’ve got a brand new Ping that will be sent to your mobile phone and email targets in two days at eight o’clock AM.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before trying to create a Ping using Jott you should check out our help entry on mobile creation that describes the way PingMe time codes work. It explains why you’d say “2 days, hour eight” instead of “09/01/07 at 8:00am”. You should also read our recent post on Using time codes to create Pings for even more details.

Let us know what you think!

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