Clean LDIF exports with ADAM

2006-08-28 20:00:00 -0400

Microsoft ADAM provides a nice LDIF export tool, roughly equivalent to ldapsearch, called ldifde. However, the ADAM directory itself tracks a number of internal attributes that will cause a subsequent import of a generated LDIF to fail. In order to get a “clean” export, you need to selectively omit, via the -o command line flag, those operational attributes that you’re not interested in exporting (line breaks inserted for readability):

ldifde -f c:\people.ldif
-d "ou=people,dc=xyz,dc=com"
-s localhost
-t 389
-r "(objectclass=*)"
-o "whenCreated,whenChanged,uSNCreated,

The output generated by the command can now be cleanly imported into another ldap directory, or into a separate ADAM instance using a simple import:

ldifde -i -f c:\people.ldif -s localhost -t 389

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