Community Edition Support

The primary venue for free support and announcements is the SQLCipher discuss site. It is also an excellent searchable resource for questions about SQLCipher. Bug fixes should be reported to the project GitHub Issues Page. Note that only legitimate reproducible bugs should be filed on the GitHub page; if you're not sure, please post to the discuss site first.

Commercial Edition Support

All Commercial Edition licenses include one year of CipherCare support, so licensees receive private, confidential email support directly from the developers of SQLCipher. CipherCare support requests are prioritized above public community support.

In addion Zetetic LLC, provides dedicated commercial support contracts for companies with specialized requirements using SQLCipher in their products.

 Contact us today to arrange a commercial support quote.

Security Disclosures

We take security reports seriously, and sincerely appreciate private advanced notification of issues, in a responsible manner, before public disclosures that could put users at risk. Please consult Zetetic's security disclosure page for instructions on how to contact us for security related issues.