SQLCipher is an open source library that provides transparent, secure 256-bit AES encryption of SQLite database files.

SQLCipher has been adopted as a secure database solution by many commercial and open source products, making it one of the most popular encrypted database platforms for Mobile, Embedded, and Desktop applications. These are just a few of the organizations using SQLCipher:


SQLCipher was originally developed and is currently maintained by Zetetic LLC. The public release of SQLCipher was released in November, 2008. At first, SQLCipher was solely used as the security backend for our password manager and data vault, Codebook. However, with it's its small footprint and excellent performance, it quickly became a popular security tool, especially for mobile developers. SQLCipher is ideal for protecting application data of all kinds. SQLCipher uses peer-reviewed cryptographic providers and algorithms to ensure that all data in encrypted databases is secured. Simple configuration and good default security practices reduce the burden on developers implementing security solutions. Likewise, broad platform support across iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux environments, with cross-platform database compatibility, ensures that SQLCipher will work anywhere it's needed. For these reasons, SQLCipher is now one of the most widely used secure database solutions available, protecting data for thousands of applications on hundreds of millions of devices.

SQLCipher is available under three different license models: