SQLCipher is an open source library that provides transparent, secure 256-bit AES encryption of SQLite database files.

SQLCipher has been adopted as a secure database solution by many commercial and open source products, making it one of the most popular encrypted database platforms for Mobile, Embedded, and Desktop applications. These are just a few of the organizations using SQLCipher:


SQLCipher was developed by Zetetic LLC and initially released in November, 2008. At first, SQLCipher was solely used as the security backend for our password manager and data vault, Codebook.

However, because of its low overhead and compact size, it quickly became popular among other iOS developers, and is now the most heavily used secure database solution for the platform. SQLCipher has been used on iPhone OS 2 through the latest iOS 6.

In 2011, amid increasing calls for Android support, the Guardian Project and Zetetic jointly released SQLCipher for Android. The new version of SQLCipher for Android supports OS 2.x (Eclair) through - 6.0 (Marshmallow).

Along the way, SQLCipher has also been used successfully on other platforms as well, including Windows C/C++, .NET, Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, QT, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.

SQLCipher's Community Edition source code is released under a BSD-style Open Source license, with Commercial Edition binary libraries available for Windows, .NET, Mac OS X, iOS, MonoTouch and Mono for Android.