Getting Started Setup Assistant and Editing From Secret Agent

2016-07-25 07:00:00 -0400

We’re happy to announce the release of Codebook for Mac 3.0.11 and Codebook for iOS 3.1.3 which introduce a new setup assistant to guide you through setting up Codebook for the first time, or on a new device.

Mac Setup Assistant Setup Assistant

The assistant guides you through:

  1. Setting up your master password
  2. Enabling Touch ID on iOS (if available)
  3. Enabling Anonymous Statistics
  4. Setting up Sync or, if this isn’t your first time using Codebook, restoring your data.

The new first time setup experience may sound like it doesn’t apply to you, a long time and valued customer, but sometimes we need to install Codebook fresh or on a new device. The new first time setup experience provides the option of restoring your data during setup.

Editing From Secret Agent:

SA Edit

Sometimes we find ourselves needing to create or change a password and we automatically trigger the Secret Agent keyboard shortcut only to realize as soon as it comes up that it currently can’t help us with this. The Edit button on the entry view displays the Main Window, looks up the entry, and puts the interface in edit mode.

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