Zetetic Open Source Contributor License Agreement

Zetetic manages several free software projects, for which we accept patches, enhancements, bug fixes, documentation, and other developments by open source contributors.

In order to ensure that there is a well defined relationship between Zetetic and such contributors, we ask that contributors enter into a contributor license agreement with Zetetic that establishes our rights to include such contributions in our projects. These agreements are important as they ensure we have the rights to distribute the code. Note that our contributor license agreement does not transfer copyright to us, nor does it limit any of your rights. The agreements are based on Project Harmony which are made available below for read-only purposes:

Contributors should contact us directly at support@zetetic.net if you wish to sign a contributor license agreement. We will then initiate the document signing process via DocuSign. Note that if you do not own the copyright for your contribution please contact us at the same address to discuss the situation further.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution!