Expanding the Tempo Beta

2009-06-23 20:00:00 -0400

Tempo Beta Command S

As the regular readers and some of our customers know, we’ve been running a limited beta test of the newest version of Tempo. At this point we’ve gotten quite a few big bugs and show-stoppers out of the way, and we’re ready to let everyone have at it. Hopefully, this will help us uncover any lingering issues, nagging nuisances, and hidden bugs. It will also introduce the new interface to everyone! We hope you not only find it easy on the eyes, but more importantly that you find it extremely functional and efficient.

We worked very closely with nGen Works to design this interface, bringing to them all of the concerns and difficulties our customers have expressed over the last couple of years. It’s a radical change, design-wise, although all the functionality we know and love is still there and improving. It will take a little getting used to, for sure, but we’ve found that after even just a little time in the new interface we can’t bring ourselves to use the old one anymore.

Without further ado, you can join in the beta here:


  • Your web-browser will likely balk at the SSL certificate with a warning – we assure you that it’s safe to ignore this warning and proceed, it’s a self-signed cert.
  • This is live data, your data!
  • You can always go back to the current interface at this link.

So kick the tires, spend some time with it, and tell us what you think. The end-of-month is coming up, we’re particularly curious to see how it holds up for others when it’s time for billing — it was all aces for us last month (after we fixed a few bugs).

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