Some bug fixes for Tempo

2009-03-10 20:00:00 -0400

We haven’t forgotten about our time tracker in the midst of all this excitement about Strip! We just pushed a small update to fix a couple of outstanding issues.

The Prototype-based Autocompleter we were using on text entry and tag entry had to go, we’re giving the jQuery version a shot now. The old one was driving us crazy, and it really bothered a few users who took us to task. The fix is a bit over-due, but it’s quite snappy now. If you find the new version to be buggy or have any suggested tweaks, do let us know.

Canceled accounts can no longer log in! (doh) Account cancellations happen some times, and we provide a self-cancel service in Tempo. It really does terminate your account, inactivating your projects and making sure that you no longer get billed. However, a small bug was still allowing users with canceled accounts to log back in to the system. This has been fixed. As always, if you want to reactivate your account with us, let us know, we’ll always be glad to have you back!

Looks like in the process we ended up with a small bug in the bookmarklet that whacks the layout just a bit due to a javascript error. I’ve got a fix ready and we’re hoping to move that out shortly!

Thanks for being patient and for using Tempo.

Update: We will be briefly interrupting service on Tempo today at Noon, EDT to get that bug fix out.

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