Tempo: That's the Way We Get By - Part 1

2008-03-12 20:00:00 -0400

We built our newest product, Tempo, based on some of our own needs as a business here at Zetetic. Over the next couple of weeks (if we have the time!) we’re going to start talking about some of those reasons to give you a feel for how Tempo works and what it can do for your business.

Now, I’m basically a worker bee, in the sense that I’m not management here at Zetetic. I work on a number of projects that are disparate in terms of technology and clientele, and my day is often split up working on sub tasks within those projects and contracts. I generally use Tempo as the day goes on, whenever I complete a project or switch tracks.

The bookmarklet makes this particularly easy in that I don’t have to go to the site, bring up the new entry form, etc. I just click a button in my browser, I’m still logged in from who knows how long ago, I tap in the hours, and some tags describing what I did.

time entry

Usually around the end of the week I’ll log into the site and take a look at a couple of the charts. I generally like to review what projects I’ve spent my time on:

Project hours small

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The chart makes it very easy to see where I’ve been spending the most of my time, and where I might want to put a little more in.

Also instructive is taking a look at a break down of hours by tag:

tag hours small

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Here I can see that the lion’s share of my time so far this week has been spent on rails development, and that ‘recruitment’ could use a little love, because it’s on our minds.

Finally, I find myself looking at my total time trend for the week, or the month, to get a feel for, well, how productive (or not) I’ve been:

time trend small

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I always like to see that my time trend for the month so far has gone up and not down! But basically I should see a fairly steady trend, or I can expect some abnormal billing at the end of the month.

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