PingMe Updates - Default Confirmation and Targets

2007-09-11 20:00:00 -0400

Last night we pushed a new version of PingMe out so now is a good time to mention some feature requests we’ve very happily implemented based on your feedback over the last few weeks.

In an update a couple of weeks ago we added two new flags you can provide while creating Pings by remote. This went out on our mailing list, but not here and it isn’t in the Help page yet, so I’d like to recap:

Specify the ‘c’ tag to turn Require Confirmation on or off on a Ping, like so:

1d h6p Call your mother c:y
1d h6p Call your mother c:n

You could also type out yes or no if you are so inclined. Going hand in hand with that addition a couple of weeks ago is the new Always Confirm Pings setting on the user profile that we rolled out last night. Many of you wanted to Require Confirmation to always be enabled on your pings (we did, too), so we added this flag to your profile to do just that:

confirm pings

That’s really handy for us, it means we don’t even have to use the new c: flag to enable Require Confirmation when we create pings by remote.

Last night’s update also included one more oft-requested feature that we also wanted to have, which makes creating pings on the web and remotely a bit quicker: default targets.

New users will find that the initial E-mail target we create for them is set to be a default. You can make any target one of your defaults by editing it in the sidebar and checking the Default? flag:

defualt target flag

One last change we made was a stability update. A couple of PingMe users have made the mistake of setting their profile e-mail account in Jott to their PingMe address, rather than setting up a contact called PingMe. This can cause a pretty nasty mail loop, so we implemented some fixes and checks to prevent that from ever happening again.

If you are having any trouble receiving your pings, or sending pings from Jott, send an e-mail to and we’ll get you back on track.

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